Guilds and Guild Masters

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Guilds and Guild Masters

Post  Pugovitz on Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:38 pm

The problem with the real world is that there is no obvious, immediate proof of skill growth as we get better at things. That's why I've come up with the idea of introducing rpg-like guilds to our club. The guilds will add structured layers to skill advancement to help us have a noticeable, measurable growth.

A lot of us are very new to game development, and I have heard from a lot of members that they feel they are too unskilled to start working on a game. THAT's the point of this club! We are all inexperienced to some degree or another, and the best way to learn to make games is to simply jump in and start making them. Beyond that, you need to study and work on your own whenever you can. Going to GDC this week made me realize how competitive this industry is and how difficult it is to get in... if you don't work hard enough. I heard from a few professionals that it is all about self-motivation, persistence, and growth. That said, we do have more experienced members that definitely have something extra to offer us; they may be able to guide our less experienced members and help them nurture talents

We need Guild Masters to run our guilds. Right now we know we'll have a Programming Guild, Art Guild, Writing Guild, and a Audio/Music Guild. We're evaluating other disciplines to see if we can fit them in this system. If you have advanced talents and knowledge in these fields and are interested in nurturing the skills of our members, please send me an email at UNTGameMakers[at]gmail[dot]com with an explanation of why you'd like to be a Guild Master and what you'd bring to the guild and members.

Have fun, game on.

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