Guild Master Intro - What to expect

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Guild Master Intro - What to expect

Post  amatobahn on Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:54 pm

Hello all,

For those of you that were at the last meeting, 10/31, and got to meet me I did a quick summary of things that I will be planning on in the near future. I know that there multiple styles of art that are a part of this organization, so the way I plan to tackle each one and balance everything out is by request, mainly. However, the main focus will be game art. The process, creation, and implementation.

We will start with some basic things and move our way to more advanced things (when I feel the time and skills are there).

So to start off, The best way to learn is to practice. That is why I had requested the "what i'm working on" thread. That way there will be a noted process shown, and you can see your improvement over time.

Starting now, I will be taking requests as to what things you would like to cover. But be weary, I will not start off on a topic such as High-Poly modeling for games when the basic skills are not there yet. We can start with low-poly assets (like ones used in mobile games). For other art deals, such as Concept and character design, I can give some techniques that I use, but to each individual their own. You may have a workflow that works best for you, and that may be the best thing for you is to keep on your way that you have been.

For the time between these segments that I will pick up and make demonstrations of, I really highly recommend, if you have money to, is to purchase the video tutorials from The Gnomon Workshop.

And please, if you plan on using these tutorials or any of the like from any source, buy them. It is extremely important that we support those artists around us, and it's a good way to save yourself in an interview as well.

I have been asked prior to interview to send proof of purchase to the software I use, and trust me, I have had more opportunities with jobs because someone with more skill than I have had a non-legit copy of software and the employer just tossed out their proposal.

That being said, Getting licenses for most software is easy. Autodesk has Educational Editions that when signed up, grants you a 13-month license (just enough to roll over to the next years edition).

Anyways. Lets start requesting things you'd like to learn and we shall shortly go from there.

-Greg Amato

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