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Post  BrandonRodgers on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:31 pm

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon. I'm the Guild Master for the programming section of our club. I'm glad to be a part of this organization and am excited to work with everyone to do awesome things!

Here's a little bit about myself. This is my sixth year in college due to transferring schools and losing credits from the transfers. I am majoring in electrical engineering and am planning to get a masters in Level Design from an accredited college, quite possibly in Cali, but if I can get enough money, maybe SMU.

I've known that I wanted to make video games as my profession since I was in middle school, so about 12 years now. I love games with deep stories and with lots to do in the game. So if you haven't guessed from that, my favorite genre is RPG games.

A few of my favorite games are Chrono Cross, Legend of the Dragoon, the Final Fantasies, the Gears of War series, Halo, COD, tower defense games, and the Resident Evil series. I'm actually not a picky person so I've liked most of the games I've played lol

I'm really interested in creating stories and worlds for games and I want to open my own video game business in the future or run my own branch of a current company, like EA or Square Enix. I've used UDK to create worlds and have dabbled with Maya and Max3ds to create objects. Basically I like very part of creating games haha

I am currentlly working with one of the Engineering professors to create a "game with a purpose". Basically it's a computer game that we will publish to the internet. We will then be able to gather all the data we've collected from the users and find new ways to revolutionize the FPGA mapping industry. Basically this could be as simple as boards we program in our classes, or as complex as the clothes the military uses to track vital signs, when a person has been shot, body temperature, and everything else associated with warfare.

I have been programming since I was in high school, but it is mostly self taught. I've taken three programming classes and have learned C++, C#, Java, and some Flash. I'm very efficient with C# and and am working intensely with XNA to create the game for the professor. I've made a few games so far and have several in planning.

So I believe we're going to have tasks and such to gain experience points in the guild. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment about it. Oh and feel free to leave a comment just to say hi if ya want lol

This is just basics so if you would like to know more please feel free to ask!

I look forward to working with everyone and creating relationships and gaining new skills!

Brandon Rodgers

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