Looking for Artists, Musicians and Designers

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Looking for Artists, Musicians and Designers

Post  cathode26 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:40 am

There is a game called Neds Turkey Farm. Ian Parberry, the professor that signed off on our club is the writer.

Using Unity 3d, I ported the game to web.

I am looking for musicians, artists, and designers that want to come together and re-skin the game into something else

Small features could be added.

The game can be played here,

You will need to install the Unity plugin to play it.

There are a few bugs in it, if you exhaust all of your lives and try to restart the game you will notice it.

Currently I am rewriting the source so that it looks professional and it doesn't have bugs.

So why would you want to reskin a game?
1) The game is already programmed, and in a working condition, so your content could be added and running within a day or days instead of months.
2) It is much easier to modify game content because you know what your limits are.
3) If you add any content to the game your name will be added to the credits and you can put it in your portfolio.

Why did I port the game to web?
1) I had all of the assets and original source
2) The game is small so I knew that I could complete it
3) I wanted to learn Unity 3d

I am not going to try to make money from this game, this is for my portfolio only so that I can show I have competency in C# and Unity.

Thank you for reading my proposal,



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Re: Looking for Artists, Musicians and Designers

Post  Majas on Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:45 am

I might be interested in helping out on the art side of things. Let me know if you get the other aspects of reskinning the game covered, too.

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