Need a writer? Oh'hoy, iWrite!

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Need a writer? Oh'hoy, iWrite!

Post  nintendude794 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:11 pm

Howdy! I'd be interested in writing for anybody who needs it; here're some samples of my work sorted into Prose, Poetry, and Philosophy. -yay for alliteration- Italicized are the more impressive/relevant ones.

Experience Points
Beneath The Surface

A Rainy Day In Paris
Poetic Irony
You Are Your Own Apocalypse
I'm Only Human Epilogue
Alone In A Crowd
One Texas Town WARNING: Extremely old, one of my first writing attempts -_-
George The Ice Cream Man Second-person is tough to pull off, especially when it's practically your first original writing

Knitting Time
And Again
A Silent Observer
I Walk In The Rain
The Passage Of Time, A Changing Of Seasons
Computer Science Metaphor Project
Triple-Alliteration Run

On Questions Of Genius, The Meaning Of Life, And Stuff
Healthy Happiness
Successful Failure

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