Idea I've had for a while

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Idea I've had for a while

Post  JRolls89 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:25 am

So here's a game idea I came up with back in 2010 of spring when I was taking an game design intro class. We each had to come up with our own 1-page pitches and this was my idea. Lemme know what you think:

Title: SPIRIT (I know. It's name could be better but i ran out of time tehe)

Backstory: The world is Mushira. It is a thriving, culturally diverse world inhabited by humans, anthropomorphic people, and other creatures. The world itself is divided into four areas; the Basin Forest of the North, the Mtns. of Pyre to the South, Thunder Sanctum to the East, and the Metallic Empire of the West. The inhabitants worshipped 5 deities that created the world in which they live and coexist with. As peaceful as the world once was, there was also a period of disharmony that occurred. The year is 1057 as the camera starts out overlooking the planet. As it zooms in for a closer look, we get a glimpse of a terrible battle taking place. The inhabitants of Mushira find themselve in the middle of a terrible war. The invaders who've brought so much chaos bare the mark of Oryu, their lord and creator. As the war rages on, with no signs of hope arriving, the natives retreat, only to be stopped by four strange looking people. The four brave warriors look out at the invaders with grins on their faces while pulling out four glowing orbs from their pockets. Harnessing the powers within the orbs, each warrior transforms into animal-human deities, each donning amazing armor, powers and weapons. The dragon warrior lets loose a burst of lightning that vaporizes the front wave while the phoenix fighter takes to the sky and scorches the enemies into dust. The tiger battler unleashes her ferocity as she slices and dices the enemies while the final hero, the one wielding the Black Tortoise power, stays back as he unleashes a barrage of cannon blasts. Everything is going well until the phoenix warrior looks out into the distance and sees Him, Oryu, laying waste to the valley below. Knowing what they must do, the four combatants make a final assault on the giant yellow dragon, knowing full well what would happen if they failed.

It is now 2057, 1,000 years after the events of that fateful war. The world is now under the tyranny of Necros, who will stop at nothing to see all of Mushira bow before him and bring chaos and destruction wherever he goes. The scene shifts to a boy in red working in a village below the Mtns. of Pyre. While performing his chores in the field, he looks toward the sun, hoping to go off on an adventure one day. That day might arrive sooner than he realizes as a band of savage creatures make ther way towards the village. The boy drops his rake, runs into the armory and dons his red armor and long sword, aching for some action


The game is called Spirit. It's an action role-playing game that takes battles to the the next level of gaming. You'll take the role of four different characters, each vastly different from the others complete with their own backstories. You start off with the main hero who slowly gathers three different allys during his/her journey. You're alowed to switch between party members during battle to better utilize their powers and their animal spirits. The animal deities you can choose from are Benbu the Tortoise, Seiryu the Dragon, Suzaku the Phoenix and Byakko the Tiger. Each deity guards a different quadrant of the world of mushira and once our heroes learn to control these powers, they'll be granted fighting abilities and powers that could rival even the ancient Greek Gods. Each animal spirit will grant you the power over a certain element as well as increase your skills in diferent areas of expertise. Genbu is the master of water, Byakko is the ruler over metal, Seiryu commands lightning, and Suzaku is the lord of fire.

As you fight Necros' minions and progress through the plotline, your characters develop and mature, leading the player to make choices that could not only affect the player but the entire world, whether the choices are good or horrible.

I want to give the impression that our heroes, even though they possess amazing powers, they're still just human like the rest of us, meaning they can be hurt not just physically, but their spirits can also be crushed, such as having to decide to either save or kill a possessed child. Like I said earlier, the choices you'll make deeply affect the world as well as your characters not just spiritually but their physical appearance may change drastically depending on decisions the player will make.

The fighting style will be real-time (think of Kingdsom Hearts action with the ability to switch between characters like in the dragon age series) Switching is possible to allow the player bold new possibilities when it comes to battling enemies, you may be struggling to combat a boss with the phoenix warrior, but soon realize he's immune to fire attribute attacks. So to bypass this, just switch to a different character whose battle strategies and elements are better suited for the battle. After major bosses are defeated, depending on the actions and choices you make during the level in which the boss resided in, your moral will dramatically increase or decrease depending on if you act as a hero and show mercy to even your enemies or if you act as a villain, killing everything in sight, whether they are enemies or allies. The tone of the game will also be affected greatly as you progress and make choices throughout the game.

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Re: Idea I've had for a while

Post  lovebug on Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:25 pm

It sounds interesting to me! I like all the detail you put into, especially in the back story and plot line (something I enjoy to do). What would you need help with? I'm new but I like the idea!

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