Sidescrolling Brawler w/ Vs.

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Sidescrolling Brawler w/ Vs.

Post  Duke of Spoot on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:14 am

This game is basically a brawler is that the player can freeze time. While time is frozen the player is free to move in any direction (even up and down) and can attack enemies. Visually, when a character freezes time a transparent 'projection' of himself is super imposed on the screen. That projection shows the actions that the character wants to take, and after a few seconds the non-projections "catches up" with the projection.

This is kind of a basic idea, but by having time stopping work this way, we can have competitive one-on-one matches. If someone can only stay 'stopped' for a few seconds (maybe visually cued by a magic bar or something), then combat becomes a battle of who can go the longest without stopping time type thing. Throw in multiple characters, some with stop-cancelling abilities, and you've got a 2D fighter with a side-scrolling brawler solo adventure!

This isn't a story driven game, but it does give developers a chance to work on gameplay balancing and character hit boxes, which can be some of the more nuanced touches that can make a product professional. This will be fun, and the art, writing, and music are all up for interpretation (everybody loves freedom of expression, right?). If I can get a team together, and we work on it pretty hard, I bet we could be in late-beta/finished by May.

I'm open to any input, and make sure to mention if you are interested in working on this project.
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