A 2d artist

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A 2d artist

Post  Mat on Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:23 pm

I am a 2d artist, I love doing concept art. I have minor experience in texturing and a little less in 3d modeling, but my forte is drawing and painting. I also know my way around photoshop, illustrator, and flash fairly well.

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Re: A 2d artist

Post  Threepwood42 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:57 pm

Hi there Mat, I'm looking for an artist/some artists to work on some point and click adventure games. I have a couple ideas I'm looking at, so here they are, with examples of the art style I'm looking to pursue with them

Idea 1:
"It's a Ruff Life"
A Putt-Putt style adventure for kids(adults could still enjoy some of the humor.) About a dog whose master is a meanie and throws the ball over the fence and the dog can't get to it. It would be a short but entertaining adventure about the dog trying to figure out how to get over to get the ball.

Art Style: Children's Cartoon esque

Idea 2(this one still needs quite a bit of development):
A Saw or Still-Life style game where it is all about the thrill and characters. Creepy but not gross, never goes too far as some people would think Saw does. It has a ground in something that could actually happen so as to make it even creepier. Maybe as a twist, the character(s) you play as are convicts in a prison who are being tortured and killed by guards of the prison. Who is the true evil?

Art Style: Creepy, dark, dank, Saw-Esque, 2D preferrable but possibly 3D, example of 3D style:

Idea 3:
A children's cartoon character falls out of his cartoon world into reality in a really bad part of town. The character is one of those edutainment ones thats always thinking of things as good and all that, think like Dora being dropped into reality. The character is very ignorant of everything going on as there are gangs and death and sex and destruction that the character just doesn't understand. By the nature of the character he decides its his job to try to fix it. (Probably sings a song about it and then promptly almost gets shot). So through the game you would be trying to figure out different ways to try to change the people and make them "good" or at least the character's perception of his idealized "good world". It would be mostly based off of the culture shock style humor, and well created characters. Every time the cartoon character tried to change people or the world, it wouldn't work because it was such a radical change he was trying to provoke.

Art Style: Use the style of the first idea for the cartoon character and his world, but then take a realistic approach to the drawings of the real world, very few if any colors, very dark, drab and lifeless, as contrasted to the bright colorful world the cartoon character lives in. I have no example for this but just thought I'd throw the idea up.

If any of those ideas interest you, please let me know, I'm really hoping to get some people to help me make at least one of these real Smile

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