Introductions: 2011 - 2012 Academic Year

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something clever

Post  SpeedRacerBen on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:24 am


I'm Ben! I'm majoring in Economics and Computer Science, originally I'd planned to do graphic design but the pay is awful and the work soul shredding. I still have a portfolio though with some samples of 3d work!

If your ready to launch your game and need help with the cover art I'm happy to oblige! (direct contact info's on the site). I decided to actually make video games independently only recently having fantasizing about it for years. Started of with Unity and 3ds Max, but i'm thinking i'll switch to UDK since there's just not enough support for unity online. i blog about it here: but I'm not working on it as often as I should :/

Fav games: Metal Gear Solid, Chrono Cross, NFS Most Wanted and alot more.

I want to make psychedelic space fighter jet games, like "Dream Emulator" and "Myst" meets "ace combat" yea i know i'm pitching for an audience of one.

So when do you guys meet? or how does this work?

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Post  Alucard on Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:11 pm


My name is Daniel Hogue, and I'm a Computer Science Major, freshman (2nd Semester).

I'm very interested in designing games and have an excess of ideas, however, sadly I am unable to really make the meeting times that were apparently declared.

I wasn't even really aware we had a club for this until a bit ago (though not really surprising since we have a Game Design class or two here) so that is why I'm only now showing up.

I'm definitely more on the programming side of things, but I think I have decent enough art to communicate an idea, so... I can kind of work with that. On the programming end, I have minor experience with C++ and Java, and am working on C now, due to my classes.

Despite my inability to make the meeting times (unless they're changed), I'd love to be a part of this somehow.


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Re: Introductions: 2011 - 2012 Academic Year

Post  Nlayer on Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:48 pm

Hello! My name is Nicholas Holley, male, 19 years of age, and I am currently a freshmen here at UNT. My planned major is English with a focus of creative writing.

The area I am most interested in is Story-writing. I've always wanted to work in the field of video games as a story writer and would very much like to develop my skills. My plan is to graduate college and work for a company doing just that! I don't have any large experience in regards to game development; however, I am working on writing a story for a small RPG that my brother is coding (he's about to get his degree as a certified game programmer). Nothing too serious right now, but it's something and it's growing. I also do a lot of story writing that is not game-related. I currently have a short novel written and just need to edit it before selling it on Amazon. Again, nothing too super incredible, but it's experience nonetheless!

My favorite types of games are the ones that focus on a strong narrative. Of course, I do enjoy a fun game that focuses on the interaction of game-play, but story-driven games are where my heart lies. Some of my favorites consist of Heavy Rain, Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid series, Mass Effect series, Final Fantasy VII & IX, Legend of Legaia, King's Quest series, and so on. My all-time favorite game would be a title by the name of "Threads of Fate" that released exclusively for the PS1.

Some people in the field who inspire me: Drew Karpyshyn, Amy Hennig, Tim Schafer, and Roberta Williams.

I'm really excited to meet like-minded people and have some fun while working on projects! Looking forward to learning as much as I can. Maybe make some new awesome friends as well! Also, I hope I'm not too late introducing myself to this club!

Oh, and, you can just call me Nick. =]

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Re: Introductions: 2011 - 2012 Academic Year

Post  Majas on Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:03 am

Hm, I just noticed that I've never introduced myself on these forums. D'oh.

I'm Mallory, majoring in art and classified as a Junior even though I won't be graduating for awhile (just couldn't decide what to stick with!) :B

I'd say my main interest is in just doing projects in general. I'm very open-minded and flexible on said projects, as long as it is reasonable and able to completed within a feasible time schedule. I DO enjoy discussing the entire spectrum of the game with everyone involved, though, because making it verbal somehow helps to iron out everything.

I'm a beast when it comes to getting a lot of art done - if a game is lacking something, I will ensure it gets what it needs, even if that means I lose sleep~ :D

I have experience in creating complete games, though it was through a dorky medium ;D I seriously spent weeks and weeks making pixel art / coding the scripts for it, too, so expect the same level of attention from me for any other kind of project I join!

Also, here's my website and deviantART account, if you're interested.

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Introductions I know lame title :(

Post  Robb61 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:24 am

Hi my name is Robert Knoles, though I prefer to go by Robert Moore or Knoles-Moore. I am going to be majoring in computer science where I also hope to get my masters in. I hope to one day work for a major game company, mainly EA. I am interested in the programming and general development of a game from game discussions to level design to QA testing, I don't have a lot of artistic abilities however. I know the basics of Java, but not a lot of C++ though I am a very quick learner and those languages will soon come to me as I use them more often (if anyone knows of a good place to learn C++, please share as I am still looking for a food place to learn it from). I like just about all types of games, but the Dead Space series is by far my favorite (pre-ordered the third one in late June Very Happy ). I am a very easy going guy, and I work very well with others and I enjoy listening to other peoples' ideas. I think this group is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to meet the other people involved in this organization! I'll be seeing you all in the fall!



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Re: Introductions: 2011 - 2012 Academic Year

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