C++ Engine in Development

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C++ Engine in Development

Post  IAmSerge on Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:31 pm

Hello, Serge here.

Just checking up on how everything's going.
Also, wanted to say that I currently have a game engine in development, in C++.

Well, unlike UDK and everything else around, I don't yet have any plans for making any special tools for it, it's more like a library to be used, where then someone would subsequently write their game in C++.

When I get more progressed on it, I'll probably make an open source public release for people to use it. So, if C++ is your language, and you like getting dirty (low level not low quality), and you want more control over your stuff... feel free to bug me about it or something.

Currently working on integrating it with Windows and OpenGL for rendering. Will eventually be written for Linux and OSX. But for now, just windows. The system-specific code will only be for I/O, and anyone using the 'engine' to write anything with, should not expect to have to write system specific stuff of their own (unless they want to?).

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